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The two day U.S. Croatia Forum will take place in Zagreb (April 4-5, 2022)

The U.S.-Croatia partnership provides tremendous benefits for both the American and Croatian people; ours is a bilateral relationship built upon shared values, shared interests, and exceptional people-to-people ties.  The U.S.-Croatia Forum is an opportunity to reflect on our joint successes and further articulate how our partnership will continue to deliver for both Croatians and Americans going forward.  The U.S.-Croatia Forum seeks to communicate and build upon three decades of U.S.-Croatia cooperation and accomplishments. 

Starting on the thirtieth anniversary of the U.S.-Croatia relationship, this two-day event will include panel sessions on topics of shared interest between the United States and Croatia, such as the U.S.-Croatia business and innovation ecosystem, U.S.-Croatia leadership in addressing climate change, critical infrastructure and investment, cybersecurity and IT, European energy diversity and regional energy security, scientific and technological collaboration, women’s leadership, as well as defense and security ties.  The program will include ample networking time to foster relationships between participants.

The U.S.-Croatia Forum will unite U.S. and Croatian government officials, defense and security specialists, political and business leaders, innovation-space influencers, and rising startup stars to advocate U.S.-Croatia policy partnership and private sector engagement, facilitate high-level dialogue to strengthen U.S.-Croatia economic and security ties, and further build strategic collaboration.  The U.S.-Croatia partnership is about existing synergies between our governments and private sectors and the ongoing value of people-to-people, security, and economic engagement for communities, businesses, and organizations across the country. 

The U.S.-Croatia Forum is about partnership in the 21st Century: what we already do together, what more is possible, and how Croatia is a regional leader now. This event is a place for energized networking that can increase strategic ties, and a platform for the Government of Croatia, the U.S. Government, and U.S. and Croatian companies and leaders to present opportunities for more leadership in the region.  In short, Croatia and the United States together will lead.    

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When official information or direct quotations from the Forum participants are used in media materials, they should be accompanied by a reference to the U.S. Croatia Forum, and the source of information must be credited. Electronic media should include a link to the Forum official website. Alteration, embellishment, or distortion of any copied (cited) information is prohibited.

Print media/radio: any programme made or interview given at the U.S. Croatia Forum venue must include a reference to the U.S. Croatia Forum in the form of text or the official logo.

Television: any programme filmed or interview given at the U.S. Croatia Forum venue must include a reference to the U.S. Croatia Forum in text or the official logo.

Online publications: any article or interview covering the U.S. Croatia Forum must include a reference to the U.S. Croatia Forum, in the form of text or the official logo.

Photography: any photograph must include a reference to the U.S. Croatia Forum, in the form of text or the official logo, either in the image itself or caption.

Blogs/social media sites: when using official information obtained through participation in the U.S. Croatia Forum or quoting statements made by participants of the U.S. Croatia Forum (which should be used only with the participant's express permission) in materials published online (on blogs, social networking sites, etc.), all information divulged must be accurate.

The Forum organizers accept no responsibility for participants' statements in the blogosphere or on social networking sites.

The U.S. Croatia Forum reserves the right to use text from articles, photographs, and video footage made or obtained by media representatives during preparations for the U.S. Croatia Forum or during the Forum. If used, such material will include a reference crediting the author of the material in question.

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Ranko Vučinić

091/ 4816-151

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